My Business System


Wouldn’t it be nice to get more out of life? To have all of the money you want? What would you buy?

Most of us want that in our lives, wouldn’t you agree?

The challenge is – the ways that we have been taught in school and in life to achieve these things are not working.

The thing is…the “old school” rules have changed. Remember this concept:


Go to school and get a good education.

Get a job, stay loyal, work there for 40 years.

Retire wealthy and enjoy the golden years….


One thing is for sure, we can no longer count on a job to make us rich; or to provide security.

Don’t you think you might be better off depending on yourself to provide best for your yourself, your family and your future?

Two previous strategies used by others to create wealth are proving to be challenging today: Real Estate Investment and Stock/Equities Investments. With today’s changing economy, the reality is that most people don’t have the extra money available after the bills and living expenses are paid to invest in these methods.

There is one other system that thousands of people have used and are using today to create more out of life, fire their boss and enjoy a shortened work cycle.

That system is Network Marketing. With this concept, you are going to create a “4 Year Career” vs the traditional 40 Year Career that you are used to.

Network Marketing is a system that has been around for decades, with roots going back before the 1900s.

Network marketing is one of the fastest growing and yet most misunderstood business systems out there today. What is Network Marketing, you may be asking?

Network Marketing, or often referred to as MLM or Multi-Level Marketing s s system for moving viable goods and services into the marketplace for a fair retail price. Distributors are compensated for having a small customer  base, and are paid a percentage of each customers usage by the company. That customer base usually consists of 10-20 people who use the products and services.

Distributors also have the ability to sponsor others into the business and then be paid a percentage of each distributor’s sales by the company. This is referred to as a “downline.”

Network Marketing is recommending things you like (just like you always have), but now you’ll get paid for it. It’s like a “Customer Loyalty Card Program” on STEROIDS.

Imagine we go shopping together at a Target Store, or something similar. We both buy the same things- A Book, 2 CDs, some new headphones, etc. and the total comes to $18. I pay $64. When you pay for your shopping cart items, you show your membership card to the clerk, and your bill is reduced to only $49. Your membership card saved you $15.

I would also like to save $15, so you help me get a membership card. I fill out the form, become a member, and save the $15 too!

Because you helped me become a member, the clerk gives you $7.50 out of the register!

That’s Network Marketing! But wait- it gets better!

The next week, I help my brother save $15 on the same items, and then I get the $7.50 for helping him- and YOU ALSO GET ANOTHER $7.50…

Great program, right? Well, there’s Good news and Bad news: The Bad news is that your local Target or other store doesn’t have this program. The Good news is that our Network Marketing Company does!

The exciting thing about what we offer with the Network Marketing business system is that business experts such as Donald Trump (real estate mogul), Robert Kiyosaki (financial educator and author of the New York Times Bestseller Rich Dad, Poor Dad) and Warren Buffet (Billionaire Investor) hold our profession in high regard and in the case of Warren Buffet, he actually owns a network marketing company.

Here is what they have to say:

Donald Trump: Network Marketing has proven itself to be a viable and rewarding source of income. There have been some remarkable examples of success, and those successes have been earned through diligence, enthusiasm and the right product combined with timing.

Warren Buffet has this to say about his investment in a network marketing company: Simply the best investment I ever made.

Robert Kiyosaki: When you build a network marketing business, you are actually building an income generating asset. Direct Selling gives people the opportunity, with very low risk and very low financial commitment, to build their own income-generating asset and acquire great wealth.

The bottom line is: Network Marketing works, if you will work it!

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