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You are here because you are interested in creating more time and financial freedom, right? You want to own your own life and not have anyone else tell you what to do.

What does it really mean to own your life? When you consider how much time you spend sleeping, commuting to a job, working and other time spent on things you have to do each day, it really doesn’t leave that much time left over to do what YOU want to and enjoy.

And, if you did have more time, would you have the money to really enjoy it?

I am excited to introduce you to a company and product that will allow you to create all of the time and financial freedom you desire, based on your efforts.

Imagine owning your own business…a business you can run online anytime, anywhere…a business that requires no
investment in physical products…a business that offers a unique greeting card service with almost no competition.

More people than ever are interested in earning money working from home: stay-at-home Moms who want to add to the family income; working moms who want to limit the number of hours they work; college graduates needing to bring in income; those who’re tired of the corporate grind and simply want the freedom to set their own hours; and many others.

Imagine a business where you build a team that “makes a living through giving” and making people feel appreciated!

If you have looked at lots of other “me-too” products and companies, you will love what we offer.

With our simple program and product, you won’t be competing with hundreds of other juice, vitamin and nutritional companies; skincare; makeup; candles; travel and more!

I’d like to introduce you to an Internet-based greeting card and gift service. This product makes it easy for you to earn an extra $100, $500, $1,000 or more every month working from home whenever you want…and to still have time for fun, friends and family.

If you’ve been involved in other network marketing businesses that didn’t work for you, relax! Our experience is that people who weren’t successful in building a team in other network marketing or MLM ventures, are making it in our company.


People LOVE the product. Who doesn’t like to receive cards in the mail?

The system is easy to understand and easy to explain to potential team members. There’s no high-pressure selling needed because the benefits are easy to see.

Prices are lower than store-bought cards: nobody will complain about the pricing. Building your business becomes easy and fun.

The initial start up cost is low.

The cards are environmentally friendly – over 40% of all traditional greeting cards are never sold and end up in landfills.

This is a ground floor opportunity: there are fewer than 150,000 distributors worldwide. International expansion plans are in the works.

Think of how important it is to appreciate people. Think how you feel when you are appreciated. Think how you feel when you are appreciated by a company or business that you patronize.

Can you imagine what type of customer loyalty might be created just through a few simple acts of appreciation?

What makes a customer loyal? What makes you loyal to a business?

Imagine marketing our greeting card and gift service to businesses that need and want to create customer loyalty, retention and referrals. How powerful might it be to show a business owner that by spending less than $6.00 a year on the very best customers, a business might increase earnings by 10 to 30%?

Customer relationships are the foundation for every successful company. Relationships between a company and their customers, distributors, employees, referral sources, are vital to continued, sustained growth and stability.

Gaining and maintaining the loyalty of your customers makes for a strong bottom line. Yet most of our efforts are directed to gaining new customers. Maintaining loyal relationships with our customer base always seems to get pushed to the back of our already overcrowded schedules. Despite our best intentions, it simply doesn’t get done. So, why do so few companies focus on customer relationship marketing?

We offer a product that not only has an amazing business opportunity attached to it for you, it also has a product that is unique and in high demand. You don’t get paid for only sponsoring others. You also get paid for signing up retail customers and showing them how to do something great for their business with our products.

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